Check every aspect of your ride with one touch: with the Bikee Bike App, the BEST system is connected with your phone. The BEST system can be activated in different ways to meet the needs of more people.

The kit is provided with an assistance adjuster called "throttle", available in three configurations: half grip, full grip and then as a little lever to be placed on the handlebar, in the position that better suits your needs.
This physical control allows an immediate answer from the system. It is also possible to customize the system's settings, basing on your preferences and needs, through the App "BEST ebike kit Control Pad", available for Android. and Apple phones.

BEST kit activation

Combined with the PAS, using the throttle is still possible and legal.
Its function is to increase the assistance, allowing to overcome great ascends or hill re-starts.
The throttle can assist the cyclist even without his pedaling, within the maximum speed limit of 6Km/h, imposed by law.

PAS Mode

Thanks to the high resolution of the pedal sensor (composed by 24 magnets), the motor can exert its power basing on the cyclist's cadence, on the assistance level set and on the gear ratio used during the ride.

THR Mode

In this mode, it's possible to adjust the power exerted by the motor, using the throttle. The motor won't assist during the pedaling, but it will be activated only by the throttle. In this mode, the cyclist will use the e-bike as a standard bike and he'II have the opportunity to have assistance from the motor when needed only using the throttle.

TSN Mode

This mode simulates the Torque Sensor (or torque meter). With this setting, the motor provides and immediate response, even at the minimum rotation of the crank arm. This mode is ideal for a sporty use.


This feature allows to increase the assistance level up the 100%, simply operating on the grip, regardless of the previously set assistance level. At the release of the throttle grip, the assistance value will return to the default one, set on the Bikee Bike App.


Operating on the throttle, it is possible to increase the assistance level; when the throttle is released, the motor will recover the previous assistance level in the PAS or TSN mode, using the motor's power for the re-starts from a halt.


This button can be activated only on the motor's versions purchased as "Offroad". By pushing this button repeatedly for 5 times, the RACE mode can be activated. In this mode, the legal limitations are deactivated and at this point the motor will be able to reach the maximum speed, always maintaining the power set trough the "NATION" section in the Settings menu.


This button allows you to regulate the assistance provided by the motor, on 100 assistance levels (from 0% with the motor deactivated, to 100%). Setting this slider to 0% after having concluded the ride will make impossible to use the bike is case of theft. Without the unique PIN of the kit in fact, it's impossible to modify the assistance's setting and for this reason anyone will be able to use the e-bike.


lt regulates the system's response: the higher will be this value, the slower will be the motor to intervene. At 100% of assistance, the system gives a progressive acceleration ramp of 5 seconds, in order to reach the set assistance. Otherwise if the cyclist sets the 0% of taming, the motor's responses will be immediate. The higher this value is, the higher will be the distance covered with only one charge of battery.


Why BEST is different from the other kits in commerce

Applicazione per ebike con motore elettrico
Smartphone for the motor’s management are available now. The smartphones that are used as displays, don’t need to have the SIM card inserted in order to work properly, but they’ll only need the Bluetooth connection.
Electric motor’s operation.
The first time you’ll activate the BEST App, you’ll need to digit, into the SETTINGS menu, the PIN CODE of your kit (the PIN number, that you can usually find on a silver label, glued into the grey/black shipping box). This setting allows the connection and the data exchange between the Smartphone and the motor/battery system.
The power intensity, times and modalities the battery range are parameters that are monitorable through the Bikee Bike App, that you can download from Play Store and App Store.
The App is both display and interactive interface: it allows you to get custom settings, gives information on the motor's use and the battery consumption, on the km traveled, on the recharge cycles and a lot of other functions that will be implemented in the future (all info that a dedicated display doesn't present).
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