An Italian StartUp

Bikee Bike created a new technology of electric motors for bicycles.

The project which has led to the realization of innovative bike electric motors, began thanks to two brothers form Reggio Emilia (IT), that since they were kids, they have shared on the motocross track the passion for anything that looks even better covered by mud. This condition is pretty natural in a territory, called Emilia Romagna, that had always considered speed and motors as integrant part of the everyday life, enough to be known worldwide as the "Motor Valley".

Growing up, their paths deverge and Luca, the elder brother left for the Far East, where he has lived for 7 years : he started managing companies in the automobile industry and then he decided to open his own quality assurance company; Matteo, the younger brother, after the engineering degree, moved to United States to develop electric motors for special application and, in the last years for electric vehicles.

Years later, they got back to Italy and while speaking with a friend, ebikes retailer, it turned out that there was a big lack of e-bikes, capable to climb all kinds of ascents not only in offroad but also on mountain and hill trails that characterize the Italian territory. This limit, was preventing the ebike diffusion in non-flat areas.

The traditional technologies of the motors at the time were working not so good or not working at all exactly in the moment of greater effort for the cyclist, when you need more assistance from the motor, namely in ascents and especially on a slope re-start by the cyclist.

The challenge was to realize an electric motor, powerful, light and easy to install on different bikes to face the hardest slopes. A strong and brilliant motor, that brings all the different types of users together... Something that wasn't possible so far. The Spaggiari brothers decided to take up the challenge, making good use of their experiences to realize a completely new technology, starting from zero.

Some bike manufacturers had immediately recognized in this motor, a very interesting step forward for this sector that could make a great difference in a market where the products are diversified for aesthetic solutions, but very similar in terms of technical features.

Bikee Bike's technology received different awards: an award from FORD, as best automotive start-up at CES2016; the Italian mechatronic award in 2016, start-up category of UNINDUSTRIA (Reggio Emilia) and then, in June 2016, the Edison Pulse award for the "Low Carbon City" category.


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