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17 April 2017
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17 April 2017
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Push Button

61,48 (ex. VAT)

Warning! The push button will be available soon. You can pre-order your push button, writing to infa@bikeebike.com.

The push button allows the cyclist to intervene on the main settings of the Bikee Bike App, in a more direct and intuitive way, mostly during the session in motion. The buttons (+) and ( -), regulates the assistance percentage of the motor and if these buttons are pushed together, they activate and deactivate the RACE button.

  • The button (i) allows to switch the riding modes (THR, TSN, PAS). lf you hold down this button, it is possible to activate and deactivate the THROTTLE OVERRIDE MODE.
  • The (-) and (i) buttons, pushed together, switch the area of modification of the (+) and (-) buttons from Assistance to Taming.
  • The (+) and (i) buttons, pushed together, modify the NATION set in the Setting menu and as consequence the power exerted by the motor.
  • ( 0 ) and ( i ), pushed together, can modify, at each touch of (i) the PRESETS in the new version of the Android App.


Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 cm


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