13 April 2018
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The BEST kit includes:

  • ​High Efficiency Mid-Drive motor
  • High efficiency integrated Controller
  • Battery with Smart BMS (battery parameters communication)
  • Battery Charger
  • Bikee Bike App to adjust the system’s parameters
  • Motor’s support
  • Throttle (half grip or full grip)
  • Pedal arms
  • Two Chainrings (44T and 28T) directly mounted on the motor
  • Safety brake sensors
  • Mounting instructions
  • User Guide
  • Anti-theft key for the battery

The complete kit weighs from 7.5Kg to 8.5Kg, depending on the engine and battery versions chosen.
Smartphone Display’s not included in the kit – add it to the cart HERE.


BEST motor is powered by 48V Li-Ion Batteries, with High Quality Cells.
Different types of batteries are now available, varying in dimensions and capacity. In the product gallery is possible to see some images of the available models.

Dimensions below: 

  • Bottle type battery 550Wh: 34 x 13x 8.6cm
  • Bottle type battery 670Wh: 36,5 x 9 x 9.5cm
  • Bottle type battery 840Wh: 37 x 11 x 9.5cm
  • Rear Rack type, different capacities (550Wh, 420Wh, 320Wh): 36,5 x 14,5 x 6cm

“Backpack” configuration includes: 

  • Bottle Type Battery – 550Wh
  • Backpack battery support
  • Extended power cable with safety mgnetic connector.

Any questions? We answer to the most asked question below: 

Why is it called BEST?

Because that’s the goal we set for ourselves: building the best electric bike technology. In order to achieve that, we chose best technologies, material and suppliers. The 95% of the components are from Italy.

I live in Europe: can I buy the 500W (or 750W or 999W) version of your system?

Yes, you can buy it. The legal power version for the urban riding (areas subjected to the traffic laws) is the 250W but you can install the BEST system on your bike and use any power version on private areas. Ebike parks are becoming more and more popular. If you’d like to use your ebike on public roads, then the resulting e-bike must comply to your country and local laws.

Can the motor work with my normal bike shifting system?

Of course. The motor is designed in order to guarantee the user the possibility to keep his original derailleur and shifting system.

If you pedal without assistance from the motor, is there drag from the motor?

You’ll have zero drag from the motor if you pedal while not assisted or when the maximum speed imposed by law has been exceeded.

Can I have the high capacity battery (840Wh) with the 250W kit?

Yes, we added that option because of the frequent requests. You only need to select that option in the webstore. The capacity of the battery is not regulated by the ebikes laws.

Will the bike chain stain my trousers as in a regular bike?

Not anymore! The shield acts like a chain guard and prevents the contact between chain and trousers.

Can I purchase an extra battery?

Yes of course, you can simply add it to the shopping cart while purchasing your kit.

Is the motor the same for the different power versions?

The mechanical parts are the same, so overall dimensions are the same. The electrical part is what changes (winding, power electronic, battery), so to achieve the different performance and the standard battery offered with a certain power version.

Will my bike resist to the torque of your motor?

You’ll get a faster usury of the native components of the transmission if the kit will be used at his maximum power. The bike transmission components and the frame are usually built to resist to torque greater than 200Nm. If the cassette and the chain are worn at the moment of the installation, our advice is to replace them, maybe purchasing special e-bikes chains. Furthermore, it’s not recommended to change ratio when the motor is exerting power: you only need a little brake pressure to deactivate the motor and change ratios safely.

Is BEST ebike kit compatible with internally geared hubs such as Nexus, Rohloff?

Yes, and we encourage you to do that: it’s the perfect combination. Just pay attention to the maximum torque the geared hub can withstand.

Is BEST compatible with Gates Carbon Drive belt system?

It can be: we just need to develop the sprocket with the matching interface with the motor.

What’s the motor weight?

The weight of the motor is 4Kg for the 250W and the 500W versions, 4,5Kg for the 749W and 999W versions. The battery weights from 2.8 to 3.2kg.

Which kit should I choose for my FAT bike?

You can choose all the different power versions and select the option “FAT” into the “Bottom Bracket” section of the webstore.

What is the diameter and length of the motor?

Diameter is 195mm, lenght is 54mm, including the double chainring.

What is the Q-factor (width) of the crank?

The Q factor is increased of approx 50 mm. Lower Q factors are for optimizing the leg push, larger Q factor are best to prevent knee injury. The extra thickness is equally distributed on both the bike’s sides, keeping the pedaling symmetrical.

Will chainline be appropriate?

Yes, the chainline will be perfect because the chainrings are in the same position as in a standard bicycle.

Can the system be operated without a using smart phone?

Yes of course. The smartphone will need only when you’ll have to adjust the motor’s parameters. Once the motor will be set as you prefer, you can leave the smartphone at home and enjoy your trip. If you still want to have the phone with you on the bike but you’re not interested in using your personal device for obvious reasons (possibility to falling, exposure to water and bad weather), we offer you the possibility to purchase an IP68 device, equipped with our App.

The crank set on bike has 3 chain rings and the BEST motor has only 2, does this mean i would have to replace the front derailleur and gear shift?
No, it will only take 5 minutes to setup the front derailleur by tuning the adjustment screws on it. You should take a look at BikeItalia’s video, explaning the mentioned procedure.

Is the 120Nm torque measured at the chainring or at the back wheel?

The torque is measured at the chainrings.

How can the different power versions have the same 120Nm torque?

The same torque is a result of the use of the same stator for each power version. The different winding allows to obtain different speeds at the same torque. The Power is torque times speed so this explains the fact that torque is the same but the power not.

How did you get more range out of more powerful motor? (999W estimate range, greater then the ones from the 250W)? Shouldn’t the 999W consume more?

The more powerful motor comes with a high capacity battery (550Wh). Plus you have to factor that the range of the motors is not listed at their respective maximum power but at the constant speed of 25Kph, so at a constant output power.

The battery doesn’t fit my frame, how can I do?

We have recently introduced a production partner that creates custom batteries. You only need to send an email to info@bikeebike.com with your frame measures (a photo of the triangle with the specification of the dimensions is also ok) and we’ll proceed in sending you a quotation for your custom battery.

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 cm

Without battery, Bottle Type 550Wh, Bottle Type 670Wh, Bottle Type 840Wh, Rear Rack 320Wh, Rear Rack 420Wh, Rear Rack 550Wh, Backpack 550Wh

Bottom Bracket

Standard (68mm and 73mm), Fat Bike (100mm to 120mm)


Street Legal UN15194, Offroad

Battery Charger Plug



No Throttle, Full Grip, Half Grip


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