Custom Battery for the BEST KIT

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2 July 2019
840Wh High Capacity 48V Ebike Battery
2 July 2019
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Custom Battery for the BEST KIT

Bikee Bike offers the possibility to match custom batteries that perfectly fit your bike’s frame, to the BEST motor.
This option is recommended to the owners of full suspended mountain bikes, with limited space into the frame’s triangle due to the presence of the suspension or for people that require a special placement of the battery on the frame.
Only EU customers can require and pruchase custom made batteries.


Purchase modalities:
Applying to the customer service (info@bikeebike.com)and indicating brand and model of your bike (and maybe attaching some photos), you will be advised on the best mounting options basing on your needs. Furthermore, you’ll have the possibility to ask for a quotation for the purchase of the custom battery and your BEST kit.
When the order will be defined, Bikee Bike will manage the complete kit’s shipping. Due to the custom battery manufacturing process and it’s bench test with the correspondent kit, the delivery of the complete system may take longer than expected.

The purchase procedure, including the custom battery, will develop following these steps:

  • Contact with the customer care for the custom battery purchase request.
  • Quotation of the complete kit including the custom battery.
  • Payment of the quotation with:
    • PayPal
    • Bank Transfer.

Here some examples of custom-made battery types, that you can match to our BEST motor:

  • Hard Case battery, for downtube installation to the bottle holes
    Dimensions: 36.5 x 9 x 9.5. Battery capacity up to 14Ah.
  • Semi-rigid case (similar to a bag)
    Dimensions: Variable – the case can be custom too. Battery capacity up to 17.5Ah.
  • Under-saddle Bag
    Dimensions: Variable. Battery Capacity up to 14Ah.

In addition to these models, the customer can ask for tailor made sizes, molded on your frame. These batteries require a special casing that will be commissioned to an external sewing expert. For this reason, Bikee Bike will provide you a quotation that will include only the battery manufacturing. The customized case will be charged extra in a second moment, after the evaluation with the customer and before the complete kit’s shipping.

An important consideration
Bikee Bike warns its customers that in case of purchase of the customized batteries, it won’t be possible to visualize the concrete data analysis of the battery parameters on the Bikee Bike App. This is due to the fact that the batteries manufactured by external partners, can’t implement the SMART BMS, that controls the continue flow of communication between motor and controller box. In absence of this component, the visualized data on the App’s screen, are the result of a calculation made basing on the battery voltage data, read by the standard (non-smart) BMS of the battery.

Weight 3.2 kg

320Wh, 420Wh, 550Wh, 670Wh, 840Wh


Undersaddle bag, Frame bag, Custom Battery Pack without case


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